GotBeez has been removing & relocating bees for 10 years

GotBeez has been removing bee hives and infestations from homes and businesses in the Davie area for over 10 years. Honey bees can often be found nesting in walls, floors, ceilings, chimneys, overhangs, softies, or other voids in your home. Our professional bee specialist will not only remove the colony but repair the area where they were removed.

honey bee removal weston
South Florida is special since honey bees adapt well to urban areas. While pollinating local plants is beneficial. A honey bee colony can cause damage to your home. Having the bees and honeycomb removed is essential!

Bee Rescues / Removal

Taking the Honeybees out alive is the preferred method, for it salvages these beneficial insects to allow them to continue their important work. Opening the walls,ceiling or eave of the structure and go after the bees directly is usually the best solution and the most effective method to take.  This is accomplished by vacuuming them gently into a cage and later putting them in another hive.

All of the honeycomb will be cut out and removed, and in the process getting stung by the unhappy bees is a strong likelihood. This is why it is best not to tackle this job yourself. During the removal it is important that the Queen bee be removed, for she is the reason all the workers are there, and without her there will be no more egg-laying and any last few workers will leave.

Another method used by professionals is referred to as “funneling”, in which a one-way funnel is placed over the entrance hole the bees are using to get into the wall. The bees that exit are enticed to move into another small colony placed close to that funnel, and the workers that exit and cannot re-enter their home in the wall will accept a new place.