When honeybees swarm, they are looking for a home to establish their new colony. They can find cavities and voids within your home and quickly build a nest of wax combs, which they fill with honey, pollen and baby bees.

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At GotBeez we will take the time necessary to remove the nest without damaging the integrity of your home and to take the necessary steps to ensure the area will not have a new infestation. If bees are residing in your home or other structure, they are difficult to get rid of. Oftentimes people attempt to spray them with insecticide hoping they will go away. This can often make the problem worse. Sometimes, the colony will push deeper into the structure, or if they die, the abandoned honey and comb attracts other pests like roaches, small hive beetle, wax moth and rodents.

Also, new colonies swarming in the area are attracted to the scent of remnants of the old hive. It is important to remove as much of the nest as possible (wax and comb) and to seal up their entrance to ensure future colonies will not come back to the same location. If a structure has ever had a bee infestation, there is a higher chance the scent of the old hive will attract new scout bees looking to relocate their colony.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are bees around my house?

Bees look for food and resources wherever they are available. When they bring these resources back to the hive they tell other forager bees where to find it. If the food or water source stays available, they will keep coming back until they find a better source.

When bee colonies reproduce, they will swarm taking the queen and up to 70% of the old colony’s population with them (the old colony usually stays in its spot). The new colony will send scout bees to look for a good place to start a new hive. In the past, they looked for hollow trees in the woods, but there are less of these available, so often times it is in the voids in buildings and structures where they choose to make a new home. In the wild, they usually build their hives a good distance off the ground so predators can’t easily get to them.

How much does bee removal cost?

Most jobs can be quoted with a few questions and pictures. We charge a flat rate fee, but can determine relatively how long it should take based on the initial assessment.

Do you do repairs?

Yes, we will work with all types of construction materials. We have worked with most types of siding and trim (vinyl, wood, pvc, etc.) If sheetrock is removed, we can repair it making it paintable with just a quick sanding. We will carefully remove materials and reuse it for the repair. We will seal up the area so the bees cannot get back in.

Are there African killer bees in Florida?

In Florida there is only one documented case of Africanized honeybees. Most beekeepers think it is because these bees like warmer, more tropical climates. They have been known to be in Texas, Arizona and other US states. The bees in Georgia are mostly docile, however they are known to get aggressive when their population is high and are looking to swarm. They also get active if there is vibration such lawnmowers or other equipment operating in their nesting area. If you have bees, it is best to call a local beekeeper to remove them. We have safety equipment to remove the nest without fear of getting stung.
We recommend that you contact us for professional help and classifying the bee species Contact Us

Is it illegal to kill bees?

It is not illegal to kill bees, however it is not recommended. Honeybees can produce over 60 pounds of honey per year. When it is left in ceilings and walls it has been known to ooze out and cause a mess, not to mention attracting other animals and pests. Pollinators are also an integral part of food production, without them our choices would be greatly limited to a much smaller selection of foods.

What is propolis used for?

Propolis has been used for centuries, but has a variety of medicinal uses. Propolis is a powerful natural antibiotic which can be used to treat many things such as skin irritations, bug bites, mouth ulcers and oral pain (tooth and gums), fungal infections, skin infections, and a variety of other treatments. Propolis is first made into a tincture by using high proof alcohol to dissolve the solid resinous pollen. The liquid tincture can then be consumed internally or externally for a variety of natural remedies.